11 Brutal Truths About Relationships That Most Men Can’t Accept

Ah, relationships, gotta love them right? Well, or hate them. Relationships haven’t ever been easy, but they’d be much easier if men would accept these eleven brutal truths.

Relationships are no easy endeavor. They’re complicated, intricate, and complex. The merging of two human individuals does not occur easily. It is a delicate process and both people must be equally invested for it to workout. Merging yourself with your partner is a healthy thing to do, and it is an amazing thing to experience. Nothing beats having a partner in crime to defeat life with. However, society is making it much harder for anyone to do so. We are all so heavily invested in maintaining an ego on social media, and in public that we are completely out of touch with our true selves – making relationships a pointless merry go round of heartbreak and infatuation.

Both men and women struggle in specific areas of relationships, but these days men have a unique contribution to the downfall of relationships in general. Us men have let our egos get straight to our heads, and we don’t care about much more than our masculinity or our social status. Life isn’t about being the top dog. The more partners you try to score and the more gym selfies you post flexing are only making it harder for you to find real love. Honestly, most men aren’t even able to admit these eleven brutal truths about relationships. Can you?
1. It’s Not Perfect All The Time

Relationships are never going to be perfect, and they are especially never going to maintain a perfect manifesto. While things can be amazing and so giggly affectionate that we forget about the real stuff. It’s not roses and daisies all the time. There are hard parts about a relationship, and if you can’t admit that you will never be able to make one work.

2. You Have to Keep Trying

These days men have a terrible habit of dropping a relationship as soon as it isn’t going their way, which tends to be consistent. Relationships never stay in our favor, it’s all about compromise. If you are unwilling to keep trying through the hard times you will never reach the happy days to enjoy.

3. ‘Your Girl’ Isn’t Your Property

Men can be extremely possessive over things from time to time, it’s a naturally occurring emotion. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work through it and suppress it. It’s the very same principle that we teach our kids when they don’t want to share a toy. Your partner is by no means your property and you don’t get to decide their actions for them. If you aren’t good to them they have every right to move on and find someone who is. Stop treating your significant other like a piece of property, and treat ‘your girl’ like an actual human being instead of something that serves you.

4. Expect Less

Everyone goes into a relationship expecting a bit more than they actually get from it. A relationship is not about what is to be gained at all. It is about having someone to go throughout life by your side and helping each other along the way. It’s not about what they can do for you or having someone to cuddle. Stop expecting your partners to be treating you like you shit gold. You don’t. Appreciate who they are as a person instead of constantly obsessing over what they can do for you.

5. You Get What You Give

Men these days tend to expect much more out of their partner than what they are giving. They might be giving an inch, but they are expecting a mile from the other person. It doesn’t work that way. You simply give what you give. So don’t expect your partner to be compassionate to your conflicts when you repeatedly ignore theirs.

6. It’s Not Gonna Turn Out Like You Planned

In life you simply cannot plan anything. Life is complicated and forever changing. We honestly have no control over what happens in our lives, and it’s the same for our relationships. It’s just not going to be everything you planned out in your head.

7. Say What You Mean

If you’re feeling something tell them about it! You can never work through any issue or emotion of you don’t bring it to their attention. You have to say what you mean, otherwise it’s your own fault for not expressing your concerns when you were asked to.

8. Never Say Anything You Don’t Mean

It doesn’t matter how angry you get or what your partner might’ve done to provoke it – there is a bold fine line between what you say to people when you’re mad and what you say that you mean. Men tend to get angry and say hurtful things when they get angry and then ask for forgiveness when they’re feeling guilty. That’s not how it works. Next time you get mad and want to say something mean to your partner, remember why you’re there in the first place. That’s what actually matters.

9. You Have To Swallow Your Pride

Pride is something that does nothing but get in the way in relationships. Pride is a false sense and you should stop trying to upkeep your image, swallow your pride, and do what you’re there to do: be there for someone you love.

10. You Have To Love Yourself to Love Someone Else

You must first be able to love yourself before you are ever going to be able to love someone else. You have to be able to take care of yourself and appreciate who you are to be able to truly be good to someone else. They love who you are and so should you. You have to love yourself to be able to make any relationship work.

11. More Partners Is Not A Good Thing

Men these days are taught to get self worth from how many sexual partners you can have. Men who are emotionally involved instead of just being physical are thought of to be the weaker ones. Men are often emasculated for just being a virgin, however, you’ll soon learn that the more partners you have, the worse.


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